Articles by Per Sandström

Per Sandström

Per is a researcher, and works with land use issues. In northern Sweden there are many different interests in one and the same area, such as forest management, mining, infrastructure and the reindeer industry, as well as wind and hydroelectric power. This creates a complicated situation when it comes to land use, and Per examines more closely how a dialog between all these interests can be facilitated. The tool he uses most is GIS (geographic information system), which can illustrate different interests on the same map in a simple manner. Per is active at the Department of Forest Resource Management at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.


The forest needs to be included in the municipalities’ planning

An overarching plan that includes forest and municipal planning as well as other land-use interests is motivated, not least with thought to the possibility to understand and handle conflicts concerning the forest landscape. Municipalities establish a municipal development plan accounting for how the land within the municipality will be used, as well as plans for…

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