About Northportal

With Northportal, we hope to gather and present research on Natural Resources in Northern Europe in a simple and accessible way so that more people can enjoy it. Here you can learn more about Natural Resources issues in regard to forestry, climate change, business and different user interests. The knowledge is gathered from different research projects that have or have had a connection to Umeå University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå.

Northportal has existed in different shapes since the early 2000s. Initially, the web discussed the effects that climate changes were having on forestry, fishery, reindeer herding, tourism and nature conservation. Since then, as one project has succeeded another, the site has continued to collect information and our hope is that the website will continue to collect and present important and interesting information for a long time to come.

Below, you will find out about some of the main projects that have contributed.

Mistra Arctic

Today there is an unprecedented global as well as local interest in the Arctic. Climate change, rising political activity among Arctic residents including native groups, new prospecting and exploitation technologies and projects, and linked global policy processes are some of the many reasons for this. However, while great attention is put on the coastal and…


Planning for rural-urban dynamics: living and acting in several places. The Swedish countryside has been shaped by those who have lived and worked there for hundreds of years. Due to urbanisation, more and more people have settled in cities, but stayed rooted in the countryside. They may have a cabin, inherit the family home, or…

Balance and Formas

We will most likely face increased climate change. Our vulnerability to climate change depends on how great the effects will be, and how well we can adapt. Sectors like reindeer herding, fishery, forestry, and small-scale winter tourism depend on renewable resources and are therefore more susceptible to climate change. The shifts in seasons and changes…

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