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Karin Öhman

Karin Öhman is an associated professor that through her research develops new tools and models that can be used for planning of a multi objective forestry. The research can be divided in two parts. The first part concerns optimization and is a qualitative tool that can be used to find optimal solutions based on specific objectives and constraints. The optimization gives us possibilities to investigate the cost connected to one objective for getting more of another objective. However, to find the solution that represents the best balance between different objectives we also need to know the preferences of the decision makers. As a result, the second part concerns how decision makers and other stakeholder’s preferences may be included in the planning process by using multi criteria decision analysis. Multi criteria decision analysis gives us the possibility to make trade offs between the objectives and it is the preferences of the decision makers that decide. Karin works at the Department of Forest Resource Management at The Swedish University of Agricultural Science.


How forest is managed cannot be thrown into one big pot

Taking into consideration how forest owners actually intend to manage their forests, felling volumes will be 14% lower in the future while ecological values will benefit. Forest owners manage their forests in different ways. Management strategies can vary from nature conservation to increased production, or to increase the timber stock, for instance in anticipation of a…


The forest needs to be included in the municipalities’ planning

An overarching plan that includes forest and municipal planning as well as other land-use interests is motivated, not least with thought to the possibility to understand and handle conflicts concerning the forest landscape. Municipalities establish a municipal development plan accounting for how the land within the municipality will be used, as well as plans for…

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