Articles by Julia Carlsson

Julia Carlsson

Julia Carlsson was a doctoral student in forest planning at the Department for Forest Resource Management at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in 2013-2017. The research was part of the European research project INTEGRAL and explored how scenario analysis can strengthen participatory aspects in forest planning, by engaging local forest actors in interviews and discussions concerning potential and desired futures of their landscape and community in Vilhelmina municipality. Julia also studied the need of a landscape perspective for integrating multiple forest values and stakeholders in forest planning.


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Scenario analysis – a new tool for forest management?

The forest landscape in northern Sweden holds many economic, ecological and sociocultural values. Besides serving as a timber resource, the forest is also a source for biodiversity, natural and cultural values, recreation, energy material, hunting, fishing, and reindeer husbandry. All these values and functions interact with each other and are represented by many different stakeholders,…


Challenges for the governance of future forest landscapes in Sweden

Forest landscapes have an important role to play as providers of vital ecosystem services and provisions in future sustainable societies. They sequester carbon, support biodiversity, and supply renewable materials to various ends. The trade-offs between these services and provisions are often a source of conflict between different values and interests. Through participatory action research, it…

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