Articles by Gun Lidestav

Gun Lidestav

Gun is an Associate Professor, and works with issues involving people’s use of the natural resource, forest. Her research concerns everything from individuals’ views on ownership and management to society’s attempts to control this use. A gender perspective is often applied to research on and for private forest management, as well as a local perspective on Swedish municipalities as actors and upholders of social, economic and ecological sustainability at the local level. Gun is active at the Department of Forest Resource Management at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.


Traditions challenge gender-equality work in Swedish forestry

In a traditionally men-dominated industry like forestry, work for gender equality can be a great challenge. Traditions and norms constitute challenges as they generates different forms of resistance. However, as a new research article shows, this resistance may also present a possibility to understand these traditions and thereby develop more efficient gender-equality measures.   Despite…


Women’s networks within forestry create room for change

The Swedish forestry industry depends heavily on private forest owners and their resources. Within a historical perspective men performed the heavy manual labor of logging, and remained in charge of the operations when the industry later became more industrialized and technological. This development has had the effect that the industry is by tradition strongly man-dominated,…


For a more participatory forest common

Improved communication with joint owners via e-mail, a more informative website, and more interesting meeting agendas can increase participation in the management of the Vilhelmina Upper Forest Common. Those who operate the Vilhelmina Upper Forest Common find it difficult to engage its members in the management of the common. Only 10% of members attend the…

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