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Torgny Lind

Torgny holds a PhD in Forestry, and works a great deal with the decision support system Heureka and its software, as well as forest inventory. Torgny conducts analyses of the development of the forest as a resource over time for larger areas, with the help of scenario analyses; he also conducts sustainability analyses connected to the forest as a resource, with attention to the entire value chain from forest to final product. Torgny is active at the Department of Forest Resource Management at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.


The choice of forest management strategy has consequences, but how should different interests be considered and prioritized?

The way a forest is managed is an active choice. Researchers have shown, based on “real-world” data combined with the use of an advanced forest decision support system, that forestry that follows the recommendations of the Swedish Forestry Act yields higher economic revenues than forestry that is adapted to reindeer husbandry requirements. But is this…


Forestry adapted to reindeer husbandry good for carbon sequestration

Forest management that is adapted to the reindeer husbandry leads to an increased standing volume and larger carbon sequestration in the forest as well as improved conditions for reindeer grazing, but also to a reduced potential for felling, employment, and revenue for the forest companies. Land use increases with many users as forestry, hydroelectric power, mining,…


How forest is managed cannot be thrown into one big pot

Taking into consideration how forest owners actually intend to manage their forests, felling volumes will be 14% lower in the future while ecological values will benefit. Forest owners manage their forests in different ways. Management strategies can vary from nature conservation to increased production, or to increase the timber stock, for instance in anticipation of a…

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