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Elias Andersson

Elias Andersson is a associate senior lecture at The Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU) and doing research about social aspects in regards to usage of natural resources and management with a main focus on gender and forestry. A majority of the research study changes and relationships among objects of study as institutions and organizations, but also how different systems, technologies, tools and organizations are able to evolve and adapt in response to changed conditions. Elias is active at The Department of Forest Resource Management


Opposition reveals new ways to adapt forestry to climate change

Climate change carries with it new risks and challenges, for both forestry and the individual forest owner. Previous studies have shown, however, that there are difficulties within forestry in adapting forest management to new conditions. This study discusses how some forest owners express preferences that are not in line with today’s general forestry, and thereby…


Traditions challenge gender-equality work in Swedish forestry

In a traditionally men-dominated industry like forestry, work for gender equality can be a great challenge. Traditions and norms constitute challenges as they generates different forms of resistance. However, as a new research article shows, this resistance may also present a possibility to understand these traditions and thereby develop more efficient gender-equality measures.   Despite…


Women’s networks within forestry create room for change

The Swedish forestry industry depends heavily on private forest owners and their resources. Within a historical perspective men performed the heavy manual labor of logging, and remained in charge of the operations when the industry later became more industrialized and technological. This development has had the effect that the industry is by tradition strongly man-dominated,…

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